In March 2013, Professor Emeritus, Ted Spence, of the Faculity of Environment Studies had his piece, “The Spadina Subway Extension Through York University – Reflections on the Struggle for Approvals” published in Contour Lines. Contour Lines is published by the York Geography Alumni Association. Contour Lines 2013
On Friday September 28th 2012, York University hosted the “Going to School: A Transit Summit.” The event was organized jointly by City Institute at York University and Councillor Adam Vaughan (Ward 20 Trinity—Spadina). The summit focused on how to transport over 300,000 students, staff and instructors to and from southern Ontario’s many post-secondary institutions. Four individual panels were held which gave room for the various disciplines to connect and converse. The panelists ranged from presidents of post-secondary institutes, planners and urban designers, management of transit operators and academics. A wide array of topics were discussed and considered. Options were brought forward on how to reduce transit time and how to achieve connectivity both regionally and forging new connections between the various post-secondary institutions.For additional information, please visit City Institute’s Media Coverage page.
York University Participates in Seven-year $2.5 million Suburban Research Project – In volume 14 of Novae Res UrbisRoger Keil, FES professor and director of York University’s City Institute, discussed a seven year project on suburban development which has been granted a $2.5 million from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. A team of 44 researchers at 29 universities in 12 countries along with 16 community partners will take stock of worldwide suburban developments while analyzing their governance models, land use, infrastructure and suburban everyday life. The National Film Board of Canada will collaborate with the researchers to produce a series of documentaries about life in suburban high rises. Canadian Architecture magazine will also work with the team to build a travelling exhibition. Keil noted that the results of the study will be published in academic journals and possibly a series of books. FES professors, Ute LehrerLiette Gilbert and Stefan Kipfer are co-researchers in the initiative as well as Douglas Young (FES Alumnus).
Laura Taylor, with MES students Denisa Gavan-Koop and Camilia Changgizi, co-organized a  two-day event on civic engagement in urban revitalization held at York University March 1st and 2nd 2011. Planners, activists, residents, academics and students met to share ideas and experience with case studies from Toronto and Birmingham, England.
Energy policy experts, Mark Winfield and Jose Etcheverry, are currently leading the development of the FES Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI). The SEI aims to fulfill three key needs in Ontario: (1) applied and policy research to advance sustainable energy solutions in the province; 2) education and training of a new generation of sustainable energy practitioners needed to respond to the demand created by the Green Energy Act; and (3) continuing education opportunities for professionals already working in the field. The initiative will integrate effective policy, technological, and business solutions for energy sustainability.
Liette Gilbert is working with Teresa Abbruzzese on a project on “Creative City Thesis: Depolitization of Talent and Tolerance. Also, her article “Politics of Immigration and Controversial Refugee Reforms” as well as Simon Black and Roger Keil’s article “Conquering the Urban Nation” were featured in Canada Watch Spring 2011.
Ute Lehrer contributed a book chapter on “Urban Design Process” in T. Banerjee and A. Loukaitou-Sideris’ edited book Urban Design: Roots, Influences, and TrendsThe Routledge Companion to Urban Design (Routledge, 304-316).  Ute Lehrer, Stefan Kipfer and Roger Keil also co-authored an article on “Reurbanization in Toronto: Condominium boom and social housing revitalization” The Planning Review, Volume 180, 2010.
Rod MacRae, Martin Bunch and MES alumni Eric Gallant, Sima Patel, Marc Michalak and current student Stephanie Shaffner co-published the article “Could Toronto provide 10% of its fresh vegetable requirements from within its own boundaries?” in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (Vol. 1, Issue. 2, Fall 2010). Rod also co-published with MES alumna, Andrea Bradley, an article on “Legitimacy and Canadian farm animal welfare standards development: The case of the National Farm Animal Care Council” in the Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics (2010).
Gerda R. Wekerle and MES planning almunma and current PhD student Teresa V. Abbruzzese have published two recent articles based on a SSHRC funded research project on planning and environmental conflicts and citizen mobilization on the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Toronto region. “Producing regionalism: regional movements, ecosystems and equity in a fast and slow growth region”, Geojournal (2010, Vol. 75, pp.581-594), and “Gendered spaces of activism in exurbia: Politicizing an ethic of care from the household to the region”, Frontiers: A Women’s Studies Journal (2011, Vol. 32, No.2, pp.186-230).
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