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World Town Planning Day 2013

In celebration of World Town Planning Day 2013, OPPI student representatives from York and Guelph University teamed up, and with the support of the York Planning Alumni Committee (MYPAC), put together a day that won’t be soon forgotten by students.

Chief Planner Roundtable: Arrival City

The suburbs, according to Jennifer Keesmaat, are both our greatest challenge, and our greatest opportunity. This success, however, is dependent on how we function as an “Arrival City.” Doug Saunders first introduced the concept of the Arrival City in his 2010 book of the same name. He explores the arrival of migrants around the world to urban neighbourhoods, and the way they use the social and economic advantages of these neighbourhoods to integrate and advance themselves in urban society. This Chief Planner Roundtable examined the challenges facing the neighbourhoods of initial settlement in suburban Toronto, which every year become home to 55 000 newcomers from around the world.

Reflections on a Suburban Revolution?

Global Suburbanisms: Governance, Land and Infrastructure in the 21st Century Over the last weekend in September, the CITY Institute hosted over 100 scholars and urban practitioners from around the world to mark the halfway point of the institute’s Major Collaborative … Continued