Twenty MES first and second year students gathered in the GESSA Graduate Lounge to discuss the phrase “What I wish I knew in my first year.”  This Brainspill featured four presentations that provided great information on research projects and interests. One of the main messages from this Q&A session was to utilize all York University really has to offer in studies, internships, scholarships and work abroad opportunities.


The following six points where the main “what I wish I knew” messages:

  1. Take The Opportunity To Intern Abroad – and/or travel with the Las Nubes program. The presenters who had taken these opportunities could not speak more highly of them and the experiences they provided.

  2. Volunteer – by pairing up with different organizations through either work or volunteering there are occasional opportunities to use the data they have available. Having access to different data sets will really assist in potential MES major project or paper research.

  3. Be Proactive Getting Information You Need – No one holds your hand throughout this program, in order to get information or different opportunities, speak to different professors and find out what you need in order to set yourself up for a successful MES experience.

  4. Find your Supervisor – You are responsible for finding your own MRP supervisor – once you have found that individual, taking the transitions course with them is highly recommended by all second year students.

  5. Outline Your Goals – Decide what you want to get out of your Master degree in Environmental Studies- a job? Experience? Personal growth? A step towards a PhD?

  6. Present at Conferences – Presenting at conferences is a great way to receive feedback from scholars, peers and sector experts. It also provides you with the opportunity to get your work noticed.

This was a fantastic discussion with upper year students – thank you for your hard work and taking the time to speak about your interesting research and experiences within the program. Keep a look out for subsequent MES BRAINSPILL events on the Events page on this website!

By Kaitlyn Blake