Kennedy-Eglinton Mobility Hub Study

This past summer, the Planning in Toronto Workshop (ENVS 6331) was held at the Toronto office of the award winning architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and planning firm Brook McIlroy ( Students were tasked with creating mobility hub reports for various Toronto locations that would create a unique vision for future development. They undertook extensive research, complete site and context analysis, and developed both public and private realm design strategies prior to publishing their recommendations.  The following is the report prepared by MES students Aneesah Luqman, Rafael Mejia-Ortiz, Amanda Napoli, John-Paul Nynkowski, and Roxy Shiell, on their vision for the hub of Kennedy-Eglinton. It is an incredible example of the quality of work being done by MES students.


-Special thanks to Amanda Napoli for her assistance with this post

Click here to download the report: Kennedy-Eglinton_MobilityHubReport_130812-FINAL low res