Matthew Boscariol is an MES Planning Student interested in the role of local politics and their influence on planning outcomes. He is currently serving a year and half term as the President of the Canadian Association of Planning Students (CAPS-ACÉAU), pushing the organization to establish new partnerships with organizations and planning firms across Canada. The association’s overall mandate is to hold a national conference in a different Canadian city every February, in addition to promoting planning to students with its long-term, and new, partners. This year, it will be at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, in downtown Toronto.

Matthew works with his local Councillor on planning matters in the suburban area of Ward 9, Downsview. He Chairs community panels on density, development, and the importance of public input in planning. Through this, he is beginning to understand political movements in city building.

Matthew believes that this is an excellent time to be a planning student in Canada because;

“The inherent interdisciplinary nature of planning has become even more complex. Our profession is becoming distinguished among many; a trust is being placed in planners to deal with subjects such as politics, economics, the environment, infrastructure, design, engineering, architecture, consultation, facilitation and increased public engagement. Our institutions are recognizing this and exposing us to numerous learning tools that emphasize this transformation. The opportunities to get involved in the planning transformation has exploded, and enthusiasm in the profession from the public has increased to the point where planners can no longer discount their voice, and the public can no longer overlook the profession.

Please e-mail info@caps-aceau.org for information on the 2014 conference. Book off February 6-8, 2014 and be prepared to create new relationships with your peers.”

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Twitter @Mattbosco1988

By Anthony Taylor