susanjinSusan aspires to be a great Urban Planner for communities in need, representing and advocating for the inclusion of the marginalized voices in planning procedures. Upon completing her Bilingual Honours degree in International Studies from Glendon Campus at York University, Susan found passion to pursue a degree in MES Planning when she visited her hometown that was under redevelopment, in which her friends were mandated to forcibly relocate. The unfamiliar neighbourhood with emerging new businesses that were developing new communities made her seek out for a profession that would work to help identify and integrate old and new communal identities in urbanization processes. This personal event influenced her to focus her research on the continuous issue of gentrification, loss of spatial identity, and the impact of businesses on identity development.

Susan is currently a first year planning student studying Urban and Regional Planning. Her working title for her Plan of Study is “Integrating Community Values in Urban Planning Processes.” She is particularly interested in identifying how local businesses/economies enhance community identities. She aims to approach this through advocacy and participatory planning to integrate community voices while she analyzes how physical spaces shape spatial identities. Overall, she aims to emphasize the importance of sustainability and healthy communities- social, cultural, and physical aspects.

She is currently promoting sustainability and implementing green initiatives on school grounds as a Graduate Assistant at Campus Services and Business Operations (CSBO) at York. Susan has done impact work around the University, which include drafting proposals and conducting legal and participatory research on ways to improve campus services. She analyzes effective ways to dispose cigarette waste, explores school grounds that need strengthened security, provides ideas to optimize usage and efficiency of public furniture, and assesses alternative resources to induce better ‘green-fleets’ on school grounds. By consulting institutions, organizations, companies, and governmental bodies that execute environment-conscious initiatives, she assists the department on ways to better facilitate and implement green programs to both the faculty and student body.

After her Masters program, Susan envisions building healthier and sustainable spaces through collaborative measures by establishing partnerships with likeminded organizations, corporations, and political bodies.

For further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact her at susanjin29(at) or connect with her on LinkedIn.